BONEYARD RUN: (Extended trailer 1) The boys are back ( this time with a few girls). No money, no Trucks, no worries....

Posted by BIG DIRT FNQ on Sunday, 6 December 2015


The tip of Cape York,  Far North Queensland. Wild rugged beauty. it’s as far as you can go without a canoe. It’s a Mecca for 4X4 adventurers the world over. Boneyard Run is the story of a bunch of good mates driven by the simple dream of getting to the tip and back. The only hurdle is they have far more passion than resources for the adventure. 

This is Aussie mate-ship at it’s rawest, getting the trip together and keeping it together is going to take all the ingenuity, talent and stupid luck they can muster. It’s an enlightening and heartwarming albeit muddy crazy and most importantly fun adventure which Big Dirt FNQ will capture and deliver in a 1 hour high quality television special and social media package.


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